If you purchase a nice pair of leather boots, you want them to last.  Many boots will have a recommended product to best care for the leather; others do not come with such a recommendation. With so many care products, it can get confusing as to what product is best suited to protect your leather boots.  So whether you’d like to find out a little about the products you will be using on your boots, or figure out which products to use, here is a list of Red Wing Shoe care products we carry at Zonk Shop.


Boot Oil

 Boot oil is a general protectant for all leather boots.  It cleans, lubricates, and weatherproofs leather to make sure your boots last.


Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner works similarly to boot oil, except in paste form; it cleans, lubricates, and weatherproofs leather.


Mink oil

Mink oil softens, conditions, and helps waterproof smooth leathers.


Boot Cream

Boot cream lubricates leather to give it a longer life. It prevents the leather from drying, and gives boots a fresh glossy finish.  Boot cream comes in multiple colors, so you can find the color that suits your boot best - besides neutral, we offer brown, burgundy, and black


Leather Protector

Leather protector locks in conditioner, creates a barrier on the surface of the leather to keep it free of water salt and grease.


Leather Cleaner

Leather cleaner helps lift dirt particles off of the boot keep it from becoming damaged.


Silicone Waterproofing

Silicone waterproofing penetrates leather to repel water, snow, and de, while allowing the leather to breathe.  It polishes to a high gloss.  It is safe for all types of dry-tanned leather, and is not recommended for patent leather shoes. 


In addition to these shoe care products, we also offer other shoe accessories or our website, such as applicators for your care products, replacement shoe laces for when yours have seen their better day, and shoe horns to protect your shoes while putting them on.  Whith consideration for your shoe care you can make sure you get them most out of your leather shoes.