If you work on your feet you know how important it is to have a good insole in your boots. Not only should you maintain the leather of your boots but you need to also take care of the bottom of your feet with support from good insoles. Does your back hurt or the arch of your foot ache after a long day on the job or even in the middle of the day? Maybe it’s time replace your insoles. There are several different options that you can do to make your feet feel better so you can work harder.

Orthotic Support

Orthotic Support Insoles relieve heel and arch pain. Purpose-Built Orthotics should be placed over existing footbed and should be trimmed with scissors for proper fit. The stabilizing heel cradle to protect the heel during landing helps knees and joint pain. Therapeutic shell adds support to the heels and arches. Resilient core foam and EVA sleeve provides long lasting cushioning of the entire foot. The top coated fabric is enhanced with an anti-microbial agent, reducing odor, while also reducing friction.

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Replacement Insoles (“REDBED”)

When your existing insoles are shot and you just need them to be like new again, replacing the insoles with new insoles. To feel the best results the existing footbed or sock liner should be removed and then be replaced with REDBED, a replacement insole. It is constructed out of moisture managing fabric, impact absorbing urethane foam and heel pad with strike gel. The inner arch support is stretched lengthwise to provide maximum comfort while maintaining structure.

Moldable Foot Support

Moldable Foot Support Insoles are 100% customizable to your foot but does require a little more effort before ready to go. The adjustable arch support is catered to your needs providing ultimate support and control. The deep heal cup helps align heel every step. EVA base is a flexible material that molds to your foot but still is able to support you exactly where you need it. Three easy steps before you’re walking in the perfect shoes!

No matter what you’re on your feet for there is a foot support system that will work for you. Don’t suffer through the pain any longer! Listen to your feet, back or arches. You need support that is soft enough to relieve your pain but durable enough to last through those long work days. At ZonkShop we know this is a decision cannot be taken lightly! Take care of your feet and they will take care of you!