Custom Tee Shirts- A Closer Look at Our DTG Printing Process

We provide a large cariety of workwear and boots to equip you in your every day life for all activities. Whether it be work, fishing, hunting, or hiking we have got you covered!

At Zonk Shop we can also make custom tee shirts for all occasions. But have you ever wondered how it's done? This blog entry will answer that question and give you a closer look at the way we turn your ideas into a great piece of wearable art!

Here at Zonk Shop, we use an alternative to screenprinting- a Brother Direct to Garment Printer, or DTG. This alternative process process of printing on textiles and garments uses specialized or modified inkjet technology. The two key requirements of a DTG printer are a transport mechanism for the garment and specialty inks (inkjet textile inks) that are applied to the textile directly and are absorbed by the fibers. Just as your office or home inkjet printer prints on paper, our DTG printer prints on fabric! However, the technology is much more advance and uses durable inks that last through many washes and continue to stay bright and crisp. 

By using this technology we have the ability to achieve wonderful creative effects and full color images that are qutie costly when using screenprinting. Using a DTG allows us to choose to print a layer of white ink beneath colors, allowing the colors to appear bright and vibrant. We can also choose to print colors directly onto the shirt, without the white underlayer. This creates an intentional washed-out, vintage look that is very fashionable and trendy. The most exciting feature of using the Direct to garment Process is the ability to print full color images at a lower cost than screenprinting. Here at Zonk Shop we can turn your favorite piece of art or photograph into a fashion statement- in dazzling colors! 

What's more, we are not limited to tee shirts. We can print on long sleeve shirts, hoodies, tote bags- anything that is at least 50% cotton (although 100% ring-spun cotton produces the best results when looking for the most opaque, vibrant print)!

Do you have an image or an idea for a shirt? Email us the information or your ideas  to and let us do the work for you! A designer at Zonk Shop will make a template for you and send you a proof to ensure that you are happy and that's all it takes to make a one of a kind shirt for any occasion!