With the start of Spring approaching soon, warmer weather is on it's way, and so is the chance to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors.  With these featured styles of Vasque hiking boots, that are conveniently styled in men and women's sizes, any hiking enthusiast can be sure to find the perfect match to help them on their trek.



A heritage styled boot without the old-school weight. Underneath its classic shape, the Talus UD uses a polyurethane midsole with Vibram outsole, and combines nubuck with mesh uppers for premium fit. This boot is fully waterproof with an UltraDry membrane.

Click here to see men's and women's styles of the Talus Ultra Dry.


This backpacking boot will help you travel in comfort and style.  It marries classic Italian-inspired features with contemporary preformance technology.  With waterproof leather and classic Vasque Pyrenees sole, this is the perfect boot to get you where you need to go.

Click here to see men's and women's styles of the Sundowner GTX.


The Eriksson GTX by Vasque is made to provide you with excellent comfort and support on your backpacking journey.  Aid your feet with the satisfying feeling of the Eriksson's breathability and waterproofing, while it's solid construction, with a three section midsole and supportive polyurethane padding around the ankle, will help your feet endure your journey, no matter what the terrain.

Click here to see men's and women's styles of the Eriksson GTX.  


So when preparing for your next Spring hike, remember to put your feet first, and cionsider one of these excellent boots to join you on your next expedition.