With the start of summer just behind you, the warmer weather is sure to draw you outdoors.  Welcome this summer wanderlust with a new pair of performance hiking or trail running shoes!  With Vasque’s quality construction, these shoes are sure to support you through the many different terrains you will find along your journey.  

These four new styles of Vasque shoes provide their own unique ways for you to tackle the trail ahead.   The Ultra is designed to make your strides seem weightless with its superior cushioning and conforming technologies.  The Lotic makes water an obstacle of the past through a fast drying, quick draining upper.  And for an all-around reliable trail running shoe with an extremely comfortable fit, you need look no further than the Pendulum II.  (Unless you’d also like extra waterproof protection, then there is always the Pendulum II GTX – featuring Vasque’s GORE-TEX liner.)  To top it all off, all of these shoes are available in a variety of very attractive color combinations – and you can find them in the athletic shoe section of our online shop.

(photos credited to Vasque's Instagram feed and the many explorers who captured these views)

For more inspiration on where your Vasque shoes can take you, check out the hashtag #vasqueview on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  No matter where the trail takes you this summer, you can be confident you’ll get there with Vasque.