Are you wondering how to stay warm in the cold and numbing temperatures this winter? So are we! With temperatures this cold a simple trek to the car or office can seem daunting- and for those who work outside, well you are in our thoughts...

Stay Dry

I know this is silly but if you don't get cold in the first place.. well, our problems are sovled aren't they? But it's not as simple as you may think! Staying dry and warm requires preparation.. dress in layers and make the layers count. Wear a synthetic wicking material as your underlayer this will ward off moisture and retain heat. Try not to use cotton as your base layer if you can help it. 

Maintain your temperature. Keep your torso insulated. The average temperature should be 98.6 Fahrenheit  and hypothermia occurs with body temperatres under 95 defrees. 

Dont rely on a hat to keep you warm. Studies have proved that is is a myth that 70 percent of your body heat escapes from your head. While it will definitely help you retain heat and stay comfortable to wear a hat, the less skin you have exposed the better. This includes your torso, face, hands and feet. 

Drink water and Stay Hydrated!