If you’ve been comparing new grills and smokers, you already know how highly-regarded the Traeger line of wood pellet grills is among those who take their food seriously.  In addition to the grilling versatility they offer—allowing you to cook everything from meats and seafood to vegetables and baked goods—they’re also renowned for their superior quality construction, simplicity of use, and unmistakable smoky flavor.

At Zonk Shop, we’re proud to be the largest exclusive Traeger dealer in the trip state area.  It’s the only line of grills that we carry, and we stock their entire line.  And when we say that we carry everything, this means that every Traeger product from their website is in stock and ready.  No long waits, no lengthy special order shipping times.

Full Selection of Traeger Wood Pellet Grills, Hardwood & Accessories

Whether you’re looking to expand your cooking options with a new Traeger Wood Pellet grill, shopping for BBQ accessories, or interested in trying some of their flavor enhancers, Zonk Shop makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.  We stock the entire Traeger line, so you’ll never have to shop around or compromise on quality.  Our line includes:

  • The complete collection of Traeger Timberline and Pro Series grills
  • Premium Traeger hardwood pellets for unmistakable flavor
  • Traeger grilling accessories and high-quality cooking utensils
  • Trager grill covers for perfect coverage in any weather
  • The best selection of Traeger sauces, rubs and apparel

Traeger Helps You Get the Most from Your Backyard BBQ

If you’re the sort of grill master who demands the very best from your outdoor grilling adventures, you need a grill that’s just as serious as you.  Traeger Wood Pellet grills are among the easiest to use and maintain, and perfect for anyone looking to take their BBQs to the next level.  And once you taste the end results, you’ll wonder how you ever got by with gas or charcoal.

If you’re in the trip state area and would like to learn more about what makes Trager the world’s best choice for wood fire grills, visit Zonk Shop in Cleves, OH and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or show you their entire line.  For those outside the Ohio area, you can order Traeger Grills online with affordable shipping anywhere in the US.

For more detailed information, give us a call at 513-941-7720 or write to Zonk Shop through our secure contact page.