Your job or how hard you play may require your footwear to be waterproof. There are several different ways to accomplish waterproofing your footwear. You could buy footwear that is already water resistant or waterproof. As time goes on they will just need to light maintenance or you may already have a great pair of boots that need to be waterproofed. If this is the case there are two different products available to accomplish this, Silicone Waterproofing and Natural Seal Waterproofing. Depending on what your boots are made out of will dictate what product you should use but both are applied pretty much the same way.

Silicone Waterproofing by Red Wing ShoesSilicone Waterproofing

Silicone Waterproofing penetrates the leather so it can repel water, snow or dew. It keeps the shoes a soft and comfortable. The leather is still able to breathe. The silicone Waterproofing leaves the leather with a high gloss finish. Light-colored leathers will be slightly darkened and richer in color. You can use Silicone waterproofing on all types of dry-tanned leather boots and shoes. Do not use Silicone Waterproofing on patent leather.

Natural Seal Waterproofing

Red Wing SHoes Natural Seal WaterproofingNatural Seal Waterproofing is good for leather and fabric footwear. It is long lasting protectant that lets leather breathe naturally. Even in low temperatures Natural Seal Waterproofing allows the footwear to stay pliable. Light-colored leathers will be slightly darkened. Do not use Natural Seal Waterproofing on suede. After applied to footwear and has dried leather can be polished to a shine.

Application of Waterproof

It is always a good idea no matter what waterproofing you choose to test the product on a small, clean surface that is hidden first. Once you decide you have the right product you need to prep your boots for waterproofing by cleaning your footwear and letting them dry.  The waterproofing comes with a brush but it is suggested to waterproof the footwear in a well-lit area over a disposable/non-important surface at a temperature between 80 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply waterproofing liberally to upper leather and seams. Let dry at room temperature and repeat application. If the boots are new a third coat is recommended. When storing waterproof be sure to keep out of the reach of children and away from an open flame.

Keeping your feet protected and dry is a lot easier said than done sometimes. At ZonkShop we want to help you stay comfortable and dry in whatever footwear you wear! Stay dry this season in your boots that you love!