Skiing and snowboarding activities are a great way to stay active in the winter.  Luckily for us at Pieczonka there are slopes in Ohio only 15 minutes away. No matter where you are we are here to provide you with the proper apparel! Most people think that as long as they are wearing a lot of layers that they are going to stay warm. Well if you do it right- you are going to sweat. And when you sweat you will be wet, and stay wet. You'll be miserable. The biggest difference is wearing clothing layers that have wicking. 

Wicking fibers are made to draw sweat away from your skin, allowing the moisture to evaporate and keep you warm and dry. The base layer is the layer that you are wearing underneath it all- it is the layer closest to your skin. If you don't know if your apperal is a wicking material here are a few clues- it won't be 100% cotton. Most wicking material is made out of polypropylene. Under Armour makes many many clothing items with wicking materials, since they specialize in comfort, work and outerwear. 

Another layer most poeple wear is fleece. While shopping for fleece make sure you look where zippers are located, some jaclets come with zippers that allow you to "air out" so that air will circulate and keep you dry. Reinforced shoulders will help make sure the fleece won't rip while carrying equipment. 

For the outer layer you will want to wear a shell jacket. A shell jacket protects you from climate conditions without the bulk. When you are buying a jacket check to make sure if it has built-in insulation. Some shell jackets have a fleece built into them, that you can keep in or it is detachable. These are great options for those who are active all year round, as they remain versatile through any season. 

What to wear on your lower legs becomes a matter of personal preference. If it is very cold youll want to wear a fleece wicking layer. If it is warmer you may just wear a type of tight or long-johns.  Just a reminder, do not wear blue jeans on the slopes.. jeans become wet easily and are very cold.