Red Wing work boots were created with the work force in mind. Loggers, Miners and Farmers. They needed something durable and built to last and so Red Wing was born. They are made carefully and the quality is undeniable. Built to last they are tough enough to conquer even the toughest of work conditions.

Red Wing Heritage embodies American ideals and traditions. They are durable but also considered the most fashionable of the boot line. They are impecibally made from scratch so that each boot is created with the utmost quality and intention and with the finest leather. This is a boot that you can work in or wear on the weekend.

Irish Setter was originally made as a hunting boot, and they were designed to tbe the same color as the Irish Setter Dog. They are a quality boot that is made to protect hunters from all environments. Many of the boots are waterproof, scent controlled, lightweight and flexible. 

Vasque was created to meet the needs of hikers and those on the trail. If you are backpacking, running, or hiking you certainly will need a pair. The boots are durable, flexible, rugged and made to last.