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7-Line Industrial Enamels are for industrial use should be used on properly prepared, primed interior or exterior surfaces.

  • Alkyd Oil
  • Gloss: 80 to 100 (60 Gloss Meter)
  • Durable Interior/Exterior Gloss Finish
  • Colorful Tinting Capability
  • Performance offset to Federal Standards TT-E-489, TT-E-505 & TT-E-506

Recommended Substrates: Aluminum, Concrete, Ferrous Metal, Galvanized Steel, Gypsum, Masonry, Plaster, Plywood, Stucco & Wood.

This product comes in gallon quantities. When you select the quantity you want you are selecting how many gallons you would like to purchase.

An additional $7.50 per gallon will be added to shipping for this product.

Available Colorants
Orange (Caustic)
Red (Hot Oil In)
Gray (Indulin)
Purple (Kerosene)
Yellow (Soap)
Brown (Tall Oil)
Blue (Water)
Custom Color - Please send us an email at Include your name, phone number, order number and specifics of what you would like.

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