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Fast Dry, Surface Tolerant, High Solids Epoxy Coating

  • Fast Dry
  • Low VOC
  • High Performance General Maintenance Coating for new or old steel
  • Self Priming over Most Existing Coats
  • Compatible with Prepared damp surfaces
  • Compatible with Adherent rust Remaining on Prepared Surfaces
  • Dry Temp Resistance up to 450 F on insulated or non insulated surfaces when mixed with Amercoat 880 glass flake additive
  • Suitable for use in many industries including off-shore, water/waste water, power, steel fabrication & public use facilities

This product comes in increments of one gallon containers.

Available Colorants
Buff (AK2-1)
Black (AK2-9)
Pearl Gray(AK2-23)
Oxide Red (AK2-72)
Safety Yellow (AK2-81)
Deep Tint base* (AK2-T1)
Light Tint base* (AK2-T2)
Neutral Tint base* (AK2-T3)
Red Tint base* (AK2-T4)
High Hiding Yellow Tint base* (AK2-T5)
Hardener component (AK2-B)
Amerlock 2AL Aluminum Base (AK2-01A)
Amerlock 2AL Aluminum Hardener (AK2-01B)

*Tintable using UCD V-Line colorants only.

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